Bore Well Project

Need for Bore well with hand pumps and how they are implemented

Access to water is a basic human right. But unfortunately millions of people in the remote villages and slums are deprived of this basic need. Women and girl child are walking long distance with pot over pot to carry the water. This consumes lot of time and energy of the family members. Lack of water also leads to unhygienic conditions leading to health problems.

Solution Providing a deep dug bore well with manually operated hand pump on the public road.
Access to purified water 30 to 50 families can have access to water at a distance of 100 mtrs.
Cost sharing 80% by the donor 20% of the bore well will be shared by every family in the street who are going to use it.
Gram Panchyath contribution They will provide required land to drill the bore well for public use.
Project Management and sustainability The project will be owned by the local community who paid the contributions. They will take care of maintenance of the wells. As it is for public use the Gram Panchyath also will provide maintenance cost if required.
Who will implement the project ? he project will be implemented by CeLiberate directly or collaborate with network NGOs who have experience in implementing water projects.
Acknowledgement/branding Every project supported through this initiative will be properly recognized at the project site on banners and a granite plaque.