Water Purification Plant Project

Need for Water Purification projects and how they are implemented

Water is life. Clean drinking water is a basic human right. Unfortunately millions of people in India still do not have access to clean drinking water. Excess flouride is leading to dental and skeletal fluorosis in thousands of fluoride affected villages in India. Water contamination through agriculture, industry and domestic pollution is leading to different types of Water born diseases. Many families are spending huge money on water born diseases and unproductive when some one get sick in the family.

Solution Providing a RO technology based 5 stage water purification system.
Access to purified water 20 liters of purified water @ Rs 3 only which is 70% less than local market.
ATW Automatic water vending machines will give access to water 24*7.
Cost sharing 80% by the donor 20% of the water plant cost will be shared by the every family in the village by contributing average Rs. 300 per family.
Gram Panchyath contribution They will provide existing room to install the plant and a bore well to supply the water to purification system.

Community Participation and contribution :

Project Management The project will be completely managed by the local community though a special committee formed from the village and an machine operator.
Sustainability The project will be financially sustainable with the revenue generated through sale of water @ Rs. 3 per 20 liter.
Who will implement the project ? The project will be implemented by Bala Vikasa a leading NGO in India with an experience of implementing over 1000 community water plants in 5 states for the benefit of over 2 million rural poor.
Acknowledgement/branding Every project supported through this initiative will be properly recognized at the project site on banners, name boards and granite plaque.