Physically and Mentally Handicapped

Many people with special needs choose to live in supportive group homes with several other people with special needs.

The importance of disability awareness has been given prominence over the recent decades, making it easier for the people with disabilities and the society to develop empathy for one another. Disability awareness helps in subsiding the stereotypical mindset of the society, hence providing vast opportunities for everyone to get involved in creating a positive, inclusive society for all.

promoting disability awareness starts from home. A place where the positive attitudes, values and customs are reinforced on a regular basis. Home is dear to everyone, a place of comfort and understanding towards every aspect of life.

Disabled and/or handicapped older adults face challenges every day that others often don't understand or even think about. Despite these challenges, they strive to live as independently as possible and want the same opportunities and choices in their lives as those without disabilities.

1. Physical disabilities affect a person physically often causing problems with mobility.

2. Sensory disabilities affect the senses and include blindness and hearing loss.

3. Intellectual disabilities cause difficulties in communication, learning and retaining information.

4. Mental illness affects behaviours, thinking and emotional state.
Of these categories, typically only two impact housing needs – physical and sensory.

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