Celebrate your special events by creating social impact

All children, particularly orphans, need a safe place to grow. Caring for orphans and nurturing them with the basics like food and clean clothes increases the livelihood of them and helps them in becoming the positive members of their communities.

Many orphans are actually not ‘orphans’ in the literal sense - they simply have been put into foster care by families who find it hard to take care of them. Often, it is due to an absent or negligent father, and a working mother and a mother who must work and doesn't have the time to provide care. These parents consider an orphanage’s care infrastructure to be better than their own home and care.

support thousands of orphans and widows on a global scale, giving aid to orphanages that are already established but lack the support they need to care for the orphans they house. The extent of Global Orphan Care goes beyond giving aid to orphanages, it includes supporting unsponsored children and orphaned families too.

A simple donation for the orphan Care can…

  1. 1. Clothe hundreds of orphans.
  2. 2. Feed orphanages for months.
  3. 3. Give treatment to the severely or terminally sick.
  4. 4. Improve livelihoods in schools by building more classrooms.
  5. 5. Boost the morale of villages by building better homes.
  6. 6. Put widows at ease who worry about feeding their children.

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