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Our mission at Bethel Orphanage is to create a home where abused and unwanted children can grow up feeling loved and accepted in a secure and stable environment.


Our vision and ultimate goal is to restore the lives of these children so they might serve God, become great parents and providers for their families, and to always show love and respect for others.  We feed them, clothe them and provide opportunities for them to receive an education.


Das Yellam 


We believe that a sound education is a major key in breaking the cycle of poverty, and ultimately leads to successful, responsible and productive lives.  The education of these children is key to changing their lives.  We have many success stories of them going to college, graduating and having successful careers.

We also teach forgiveness and a victorious attitude, allowing the children to fulfill their dreams and destiny in Christ, giving them hope for a better future.  They are shown the love of their true Father in heaven.  They know that God loves them, He protects them, and they can live their lives worthy of His love for them.

Year Established      1984
Type of home Mentally and physically challenged
Total inmates 30
Boys 30
Girls 0
Hostellers 30
Day Scholars 0


Furniture :

Computer Chairs & Tables 

  • Need chairs & Tables for our orphanage which will witness a more active, engaged, enthusiastic, and relaxed room of students and a change in their commitment to learning and behavior. 

Computer & Projector  :

  • The Orphan, Street Children are having no skills on computers. Through this they will be able to become productively engaged and better qualified .
  • Providing technical skills in computers and to train orphan children in computer fundamentals,usage of computer, will  make this orphans to overcome the difficulties and succeed in life.


School Bag & Books:

  • These Books & Bags and other essential needs will enable us to teach and make them to become well trained. all these became very essential need for children attending school.


  • we need your help in  providing  breakfast or  lunch or Dinner per  day  to our students, orphans and destitute children.