Semi Orphan Education

Semi-orphan Education

1. Annual Sponsorship For Continuing Education

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Annual Sponsorship for Continuing Education

  • Education is empowerment. It has the ability to transform one’s life. It enables people to gain knowledge of the world, the respect of others, and the ability to make a dignified living. Education builds the leaders of tomorrow who inspire future generations.
  • Donate to help towards the education of these underprivileged semi-orphan children by paying their annual tuition fees - a step towards securing a bright future.

2. One Year Fee or Special Needs.

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One-year fee or special needs

  • Some students have special needs that they are unable to fulfil due to lack of resources. Despite their urgent requirements, they do not have anyone to turn to for help because they are semi-orphans.
  • By giving your financial aid, you can be their pillar of support in these times of need.

3. Donate Used Laptops And Desktops

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Donate used laptops and desktops

  • Do you have a laptop or desktop that you don’t use any longer but is in usable condition? Instead of letting it gather dust, give it to someone who needs it. There are many people who can make use of them and further their education and careers. For you, it might be just an old computer but for them, it’ll digitally transform life.
  • Donate to give your laptop or desktop a second life in the hands of a semi-orphan who can benefit from its use.

4. Donate Used House Furniture To Widows

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Donate used house furniture to widows – Why is this in orphans’ section?

  • Many widows are only able to earn enough to sustain a living. Because of their poor financial conditions, they cannot afford even basic furniture for their homes. As a result, they do not experience comfort even within their own homes.
  • Donate your used chairs, tables, sofas, shelves, beds, mirrors, and other furniture items to these underprivileged widows and bring happiness to their homes.