How It Works

How It Works

CeLiberate is a non profit organisation in india. it is an online donation platform and aims to channel and provide resources to credible non- government al organizations across india. As a web portal, it helps raise funds and contributions from individuals across india and the world and then disburses these donations to credible indian NGO's.

CeLibrate mainly raises funds for NGO'S through various channels such as:

1. Donations

2. Invite Donations through your Event

3. Golden Bucket

4. Raise Donations through Event.

After a rigorous and thorough document based due diligence, CeLiberate short lists the NGO's on its website.

CeLiberate works across :

1. Orphanages

2. Old Age Homes

3. Physically handicapped homes

4. HIV affected homes

5. Water purification plants

6. Borewells

7. School furniture

8. Plantation

9. Orphan education

10. Semi orphan education

CeLiberate also lets its Donors know where exactly their donation was used and also give them a proof of it through a feebback.


CeLiberate gives you multiple project options to fund which allows to better match to your budget and passion

Community Development

Communities in India are facing diversified problems such as lack of access to clean drinking water, insufficient equipment and furniture in rural government schools, environment degradation, health, unemployment etc. Many communities are looking for support from generous donors like you to solve these pressing needs. Your donations can change the lives of many people. CeLiberate is providing lists of verity of community development projects for you to choose. We will add more projects as we progress. These projects will be implemented either directly by CeLiberate or collaborate with other reputed NGOs with sector expertise.

Deserving Individuals

Orphan children who lost both the parents with poor financial background are finding difficult to continue their education. Similarly the children of poor widows find it difficult to overcome the financial difficulties as the mother is the only bread earner. Many are dropping from school and colleges as they are not able to afford to pay the college/school fee, take care of hostel fee, buy required stationery, laptops for higher education, health care etc.

Your support can make a difference in the lives of the most deprived youth. You can make them a better citizens by giving them a new life. We provide you the profiles of individual orphan and semi orphan children who are looking for your generous support.